Hello and Welcome.


As a therapist, my purpose is to help those I work with navigate through life’s challenges.  Challenges take many forms.  Maybe we worked hard to achieve a goal, but start to question if this is really what we wanted.  We may feel grateful to have become a parent, but why all the mixed emotions?  Maybe things are fine, but we feel in a rut and have no idea how to get out of it.  Maybe we finally found the right relationship or job, but we’re not sure about our next step.  Sometimes we want a deeper connection with the people we care about, but aren’t sure where to start.  Maybe we are unsure of what true happiness would look like for us.


In our goal oriented, fast paced and social media filled lives we may simply be searching for a time to pause and check in with ourselves.  One common challenge is simply, “I don’t even know how I feel.”  In my professional and personal experience, I have seen the benefit of taking time to pause and check in.  I see it as taking time to check in with what the heart wants, not just the head.  This can be a profound approach.


Together we can navigate through what isn’t working for you with tenderness, clarity, and acceptance.  By making space for the head and the heart, we create a non-judgemental, accepting space for the expression of genuine thoughts and feelings.  It is from this space that our own wisdom and knowing arises.  I can help guide you through this gently transformative process.