Everything you need is already within you,
only you must approach yourself with reverence and love.
—Sri Nisargadatta

I work with adults, young adults, and teens needing stability or clarity during major life transitions.

Common transitions are divorce, the beginning or ending of serious relationships, job changes, becoming a parent, leaving home, starting or leaving college and age milestones.  Transitions can be a challenge, yet also an opportunity to start fresh.  I can support you in moving through with awareness, guiding you as you create more of the life you want.

I work with new and seasoned parents who want support and guidance in navigating the complex role of parenting.

A common question we have as parents is, “Am I doing this right?”  This is a great question and is best answered by you.  Together we can explore your questions, thoughts and feelings around parenting to help you reach your goals.  Making time to pause, reflect, listen and be heard is an act of self care.  This is an important first step in developing loving and respectful relationships with ourselves and our children.   

I work with people who want to know themselves better and live life with more ease.

Therapy enables you to develop a compassionate and honest relationship with yourself.  The process involves exploring questions in a safe and non-judgemental space that you might be reluctant to discuss anywhere else.  The courage to do so can increase authenticity, wisdom and happiness.

I work with people who consider themselves highly sensitive, introverted and/or shy.

These attributes are undervalued and misunderstood in our society and this can affect how we see ourselves.  Together we can explore the gifts inherent in these traits, learn to manage overwhelming feelings and cultivate an inner source of security and self acceptance.